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12/28 show

Today (LIVE) on It Came From The Radio we have special guests Jared and Jordan Barel from Loaded Barrel Studios 4pm EST 

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Today, LIVE on It Came From The Radio we have special guest Chris Buchner ( 4pm EST ( #CAG #theinterviewmovie #cheese2369

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12/7/14 show

Today (live!) on "It Came From The Radio" we have a jam packed show where we not only talk about the NY Wintercon, but we also have special guests Carole Demas and Paula Janis from the Magic Garden! (  4pm EST   #themagicgarden #nywintercon #cheese2369

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NY WIntercon!

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11/30/14 show

Today (LIVE) on "It Came From The Radio" we have special guests David Phillips and Sarah Braly ( 4pm EST #hfzombies #comics #radioshow #powerrangers #cheese2369

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bi-Monthly Movie Review: Ouija

It's that time again, this time I'll give my thoughts on the horror movie "Ouija".

From the title (and the knowledge that it's a horror movie) it's a pretty easy movie to figure out (not only) what's it about, but what's going to happen: Some kids play around with a Ouija board, summon a spirit and then start dying. Of course there is one reluctant person but they get dragged into it along the way. The movie is sort of like that in the loosest sense of the description (it was a guess after all): A friend of a group of teens apparently commits suicide after (unbeknownst to them) playing with an Ouija board and the female lead takes it upon her self to drag her friends to get some closure using (you guessed it) another Ouija board that they used to play with as kids.

It's a pretty simply story and I have to admit they try their best to make it work, but the logic kinda falls flat. Worst case is when at one point *SPOLIER ALERT* the group finds a dead body in a hidden portion of the basement (that apparently doesn't smell or anything) to perform a ritual on it and then leaves it there only to come back to it the next day to perform a second ritual because the script demanded it. I mean who leaves a dead body around without calling the cops or something.........

The acting is as expected, the "thrills" are non-existent, and the logic if flawed (even by horror film standards). So skip this one and go rent "The Ring".

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11/23/14 show

Today, LIVE on "It Came From The Radio" we talk about the Power Ranger's SuperMegaforce finale and Sharknado 2. 4pm EST

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11/16/14 show

Today (LIVE) on "It Came From The Radio" we have extra special guest Amy Jo Johnson talking about her career and her newest project! 4pm EST #amyjojohnson #felicity #flashpoint #gogoamyjo #jdfffn #scootagoose2369 #radioshow #glenalarsen

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Bi-Monthly Movie Review: Equalizer

Denzel Washington is a great actor. So much so that it is almost impossible to have a bad Denzel Washington movie.

Equalizer is no exception. This movie is based on the TV show of the same name. Altho  *technically* it could serve as a prequel to the series if you really think about it.

This movie is filled with action, drama and some pretty good acting. There were two scenes in particular that stood out. Both were with Denzel and Marton Csokas (perhaps best known for his role in two of the three Lord Of the Rings movies) were they just talk as they both size each other up (Marton plays the villain in this movie) using great dialog speaking much more than the actual words used.

The only thing missing from the movie was the actual theme song from the series (which was the one thing I was looking forward to the most in watching the movie). Despite this misstep, you should go see this one!

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11/9/14 show

Today (LIVE) on "It Came From The Radio" we have (in the studio) special guests Rob Longo (, along with Michele Lamphier Henson and Keith Jacks to talk about their new project. 4pm EST #VOVVOV #2121productions #gogoamyjo #nywintercon #piratesoftheariwaves #radioshow #scootagoose2369

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11/2/14 show

Today (LIVE) on "It Came From The Radio" we talk about the influx of comic book and superhero movies. 4pm EST #MArvel #Disney #comicbooks #DC #scootagoose2369

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Bi-Monthy Movie Review: Annabelle

It's that time once again (made it just before Halloween). This time I'm going for the Sequel (of sorts) to the Conjuring, Annabelle.

Of course this refers to the doll that had a small role in the aforementioned movie. Seems that people were intrigued by this character and wanted to see more. So we wind up with an origin story.

I have to say I was slightly disappointed to not have anyone from the original movie (I had expected them to show up at *some* point, at least they did get the obligatory "this is connected to another movie" acknowledgement). But for me, I feel as if this was a good old fashioned horror flick. Oddly enough it is set in the 60's and it feels like it was made in the same time. The sets, the story, and the characters (as well as the actions taken) were all as if I was watching an old school horror film.

Any good horror movie needs some scares (as mentioned in previous BMMR's, I don't really get that scare factor anymore, but I do get a good "jump" in now and then) and this movie had two of them (for me anyways).  While the rest of the movie kept me interested in what was going on to this poor couple.

So, "Should I watch it?", you always ask. I say ONLY if you are a fan of 60's and 70's horror films AND liked the Conjuring.

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10/26/14 show

Today, (LIVE) on "It Came From The Radio"-the official show of the Big Apple Con, we have special guest Daryl Freimark (www. . 4pm EST #Devilindreary @devilindreary #radioshow #free #comicbooks #avengers2 #scootagoose2369

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Bi-Monthly Movie Review: The Maze Runner

It's that time again! This month: Maze Runner.

This is a difficult one to review because the ending really messes up the rest of the movie. Now once I did finish watching it, I did a little research to find out that it is part 3 of a series of books. Knowing that changes how I would have viewed the movie.

So part three opens up with an interesting premise: Some guy who has no memory of anything but his name is joined by a groups of boys (some older than others) who are in the same predicament. They are all trapped together in a open gated community of sorts surrounded by a giant maze. They have been there for a looooong time.

The maze changes every day and there are some creatures that prowl the outer portions during the night, so it makes it impossible to escape.

So far so good. Characters are interesting, acting is believable, plot alittle thin, but still watchable.

Of course there is more to this guy as the story unfolds and a female (the only one in the story) arrives to further complicate matters. Seems they "know" each other, and are part of a greater mystery all the while things are set in motion for them to make an escape.

Then we get to the end. Keeping in mind this is part three, not only does it end on a cliffhanger, they also pull the "everything you knew up till this point is wrong" move. This move would work if you had read (or in this case watched) the other two movies, but instead it falls under the "WTF" category as the credits roll.

"So, should I watch it?" you ask once again.

I say no. This is one of those things that you have to watch as part of a whole, but the whole doesn't exist (unless you read the books).

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10/19/14 show

Today (LIVE) on "It Came From The Radio"-The Official radio show of The Big Apple con, we discuss the NYCC. 4pm EST. #NYCC #NYCBM #radioshow #comicbooks #scootagoose2369

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Exclusive Mike Carbanaro Interview

Hey all,
    At this week's NYCC, I had the pleasure of interviewing the head of the Big Apple Con Mike Carbanaro. Click on the link to listen!

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10/12/14 show

Today (LIVE!) 4pm EST. we have another experimental show where Charlie Holds down the fort at the station while Mark calls in from the NYCC! mini-interviews with Loaded Barrel Studios, Alitha Martinez, Michael Kingston, 8-bit bakery and a (pre-recorded) interview with Amber Benson. ‪#‎NYCC‬ ‪#‎headlockedcomic‬ ‪#‎amber_benson‬ ‪#‎buffy‬ ‪#‎radioshow‬ ‪#‎scootagoose2369‬ ‪#‎toxicfoxx‬

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10/5/14 show

Today (LIVE) on "It Came From The Radio" We have Dominic Sparano ( sitting in with us as we present to you our annual pre-con guide to the NYCC. 4pm EST #prontocomics #NYCC #radioshow #scootagoose2369

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9/28/14 show

Today (LIVE) on "It Came From The Radio" we have Comic Artists' Guild President Chris Buchner as our special guest. 4pm EST #CAG #FREE #RADIOSHOW #SCOOTAGOOSE2369

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bi-Monthly Movie Review: As Above , So Below

It's that time again! This time the horror movie "As Above, So Below."

This one is pretty easy. There are two different types of horror movies, the ones where you should pay attention to the beginning and the ones where you don't need to know what's going on beyond "guess which of these people will die". Usually, In this sub-genre of horror movies (the shakey, hand-held camera kind), with the exception of the original "Blair Witch Project", you don't need to pay attention for the first 20 minutes or so of movie (which is usually a lot of talking with no rhyme or reason beyond trying to establish why this is a shakey-cam movie in the first place).

All that being said, (much like the Blair Witch), a lot of relevant information is being given out during the first part of the movie that comes into play at the end of the movie.  So if you (like I did) weren't paying attention the only thing you can think of when unexplained things happen at the end of the movie is either "WTF?" or "man, I really should have been paying attention from the beginning.".

There were 4 (which is a lot for me) parts of the movie where I actually jumped, and I think it had to do with the characters being in a real creepy relatable situation (being lost in a maze of underground caverns trying to get out) and then some well timed "shock moments".

So, "Should I see it?" you ask. I say go see "The Decent" instead. this is. It has an even creepier feel, with some good action and interesting characters. Plus, it is about some people getting lost in caverns trying to escape, so really the same movie, only better.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bi-monthy movie review: Expendables 3

Time for our Bi-monthly movie review. Up this time is Expendables 3. With sequels I think it is important to mention the previous installments only because a sequel wouldn't be a sequel without them. So In the first one, Sylvester Stallone and his good buddies Arnold Schwarzenegger and (at the time) Bruce Willis got together to bring a good old 80's action flick (along with 80's action logic) back to the silver screen. The result? A good mixture of old and new action movie stars in a very enjoyable flick. Yes, it was a gimmick, but a well executed one. Never in my life did I think I would see all of these guys on the same screen at the same time nor did I ever think I would see Jet Li Vs Dolph Lundgren in a fight. Never.

So that was it. A ludicrous story, some silly dialog, some good fights, and lots and lots of explosions. Then Stallone said "Hey, this made me some money, I think I have a thing here." With that Expendables 2 was born. This one however turned up the cheese factor way to high and reminded us why 80's actions movies are no longer made. Wasted characters, no good fights, too much in-jokes and no payoff (the much hyped Stallone Vs Van Damme fight was anti-climatic to say the least).

That brings us to part three. Once again Stallone increases the star power with filling almost every speaking role with some kind of action star. Which I have to say is nice. No wasted characters here. The story is pretty straight forward (good guys go get the bad guys) but with some actual depth too it (not much mind you, but it is there). The in-jokes are kept to a minimum (which was just the right amount) and the action was on-par with the other two (perhaps a little better IMHO). The biggest complaint I would have is that there was no real "fight" beyond Mel Gibson and Stallone and that (once again) was lackluster. In the first movie Stallone actually lost the fight to Steve Austin which makes a better fight and leads to some of his co-stars to pick up the slack (of course I later found out that Stallone was actually hurt filming the scene, so the outcome *had* to be changed to keep the production going). In the other two it's always Stallone going at it alone against the main villain. Just think how cool it would have been to see Jet Li Vs Mel Gibson again after all these years (Remember Lethal Weapon 3)?

So, "Should I see it?" you are asking again. This one is interesting. As most of you know the installment made "little" money at the box office (due in part to the massive online leak of the movie weeks before its release) so, if only to keep the franchise alive, (and you want to support these guys, as well as see stuff blow up with tons of action and humor) I say go see it.

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9/14/13 show

Today, (LIVE) on "It Came From The Radio" we have special Marvel Artist Ron Garney ( Also, don't forget we have our "World's not as easy as the last one contest" for FREE Thursday passes to the NYCC. 4pm EST #Rongarney #marvel #comicbooks #free #radioshow #entertainment #scootagoose2369

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The "World's not as easy as the first one CONTEST"!

Win A pair of FREE tickets to the NYCC for Thursday 10/16.
Rules: Starting with our 9/7 show, listen in (live or archived) and during the news segment listen for a TV show theme song. Tweet us (or post here) @ICFTR #NYCCtickets with your guess as to the name of the show. First correct guess wins! Once the archives are posted, look for daily hints on Good luck!!!

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9/7/14 show

Today (LIVE) on It Came From The Radio, we have actor/comedian and co-writer of the book "Everybody Dies" David Ury! as a guest. Also we announce the details on the NYCC Free Thursday Tickets contest. 4pm EST #Davidury #ripjoanrivers #everybodydies #radioshow #nycc #scootagoose2369

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8/31/14 show

Today (LIVE) on IT Came From The Radio we talk about the new Sin City Movie 4pm EST. #sincity2 #moviereview #radioshow #scootagoose2369

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Bi-Monthly review: Let's Be cops

Alrighty, it's that time again. For the second review this month, I decided to pick the comedy "Let's Be Cops" Starring the guys from the FOX sitcom "New Girl" with Zooey Deschanel (Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr.).

Usually movies have a great premise but poor execution, in this case, I felt that the movie had a poor premise (two guys, best friends rather, who aren't doing so well in life (meaning that they are experiencing a mid-life crisis) mistakenly dress up as cops while attending a high school reunion masquerade party and because they feel empowered when people think they are real cops decide to keep the illusion going) and a decent execution.

The situations were classic "80's comedy" logic where they could actually be cops with no (or little) repercussions. This point is even addressed in the movie.  The problem is that they stay cops for an extended period of time (which wouldn't hold up even in an 80's movie).

I think when the movie was working, it was firing on all cylinders: funny, believable, with likeable characters, however, when it wasn't working, the humor (and logic) just fell flat.  

So, "Should I see it?"

I'd say If you are a fan of the actors, or if you have the ability to throw any kind of logic (80's or otherwise) out the window, then yes, go see it. Otherwise, I hear that "Happy Endings" (also starring Damon Wayans, Jr) is on Netflix.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

8/24/14 show

Today, (LIVE!) on "It Came From The Radio", we have ex-intern Cara Frank taking over the reigns as we discuss the new TMNT movie. 4pm EST #TMNT #radioshow #entertainment #milomanara #moviereview #Scoobydoo #scootagoose2369

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Bi-Monthly Movie Review: Lucy

Once again I take two times out of the month and post a movie review. Up this time is "Lucy" Marketed as a new Hot Scarlett Johansson sci-fi/action flick. However, this is not the case at all once you watch the movie. I think that might be (one of) the reasons the movie was initially successful but then garnered a huge backlash after the initial release.

The other reason (IMHO) is that while entertaining and interesting, it felt like watching 3 different movies. A) a Superhero origin story, B) a sci-fi/action flick and C) A full blown Science Fiction movie. Each part was a separate chapter in the movie. Well constructed and well executed, but not expected. Once I got over that fact, I was able to enjoy the movie.

Hot Scarlett Johansson portrayed her character (a below average "hot girl" dragged into a very dangerous (oddly enough, not so unique) situation) quite well. She then manages to turn a 180 as she takes control of her world around her with a great mixture of confidence and innocence while she is getting used to her "powers". Morgan Freeman is well, Morgan Freeman as he provides the information that the audience needs to keep up with the movie.

So, "What's it about?" or "Should I bother to watch it?" you may be asking at this point. Well, It centers around a drug mule situation gone bad giving Lucy the ability "to access more than 10% of her brain". Of course the bad guys wants the drugs back and Lucy wants to understand and share the knowledge that she is discovering. It ends on a "I have to think to enjoy this movie" note, which isn't so bad if you are expecting it.

Now I haven't seen "Transcendence" nor "Limitless" but I'm told that these movies are "similar". So I say if you haven't seen the aforementioned movies (and you are ready to actually put a little thought into your summer entertainment, the go see "Lucy".


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8/10/14 show

Today (LIVE) on "IT CAME FROM THE RADIO" we pull double duty as we have a special guest Chantal Aytes join us for an interview and to discuss the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie. 4pm EST #chantalaytes #movie review #guardiansofthegalaxy #radioshow #scootagoose2369

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8/3/14 show

Today, LIVE on "It Came From The Radio", we have special guest Vera Greentea from Greentea Publishing ( 4pm EST #independentcomics #radioshow #free #powerrangers #scootagoose2369

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7/27/14 show

Today, (LIVE) on "It Came From The Radio" we pull double duty as we talk about the new "Planet of the Apes" movie AND talk to special guest John Yuskaitis ( 4pm EST #bootsandpup #apesmovie #dawnoftheplanetoftheapes #moviereview #radioshow #scootagoose2369

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Special fan only promotion!

As a promotion for his appearance on tomorrow's (7/27/14) show,  John yuskaitis is offering his kindle edition of Boots & Pup: Inspired Laziness for Free all day Sunday. This is the link to the product.  -

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bi-monthly Movie review: Purge: Anarchy

It's that time again folks. Here I am going to discuss movies that we won't be talking about on the show ("Dawn of the Planet of The Apes" WILL be covered on air).

For this bi-monthly pic, I chose "Purge: Anarchy", the sequel to the really bad "The Purge". The concept is interesting, where crime is at an all-time low due to an annual free-for-all called the purge. The free for all allows all (well, 99.9%) crime to be legal. So on one day out of the year, people go out and shoot the cows, burn the houses and rape the women. Then, they all get drunk and shoot the houses, burn the women and rape the cows (not really, but I think that's funny). Of course, since this is the good old USA (in the future) people who don't want to participate don't have to.

In this movie (which focuses on a few different people as opposed to only one family in the predecessor) they still keep the concept of the original but try to make it more interesting and believable with more fleshed out characters. Another difference is that in the original the story was about a which white family whereas in this one, it was more about the middle (or even sometimes poor) class.

I thought the movie was ok, as it kinda petered out around the third act (as well as the resolution) of the film. The thing that most resonated with me is that this felt like a "Punisher" reboot (you'll have to watch the movie to get that reference). So If you like the previous Punisher movies (which I thought two of the three were decent), then this one is for you. Otherwise, go see "The Raid" (and its superior sequel "The Raid 2) if you want tons of action and killing.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

7/13/14 show

Today (LIVE) on "It Came From The Radio" we have model/actress and friend to the show Caitlyn Ross Poteet stop by. 4pm EST #vixensofvirtuevixensofvice #radioshow #entertainment #live #free #scootagoose2369

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Deliver us from Evil review

Well, After speaking with my social media guy, we have decided to post movie reviews of movies not covered on our awesome radio show (which airs each week LIVE on, Sundays at 4pm EST) twice a month.

For July, I just saw the Eric Bana/Olivia Munn horror flick "Deliver us from Evil". This movie is supposedly based on actual events (and pretty current stuff to boot!). Now I haven't been "scared" in a movie for a looong time, so this movie has a lot of work to do to scare me. Unfortunately, it barley kept my interest let alone give me any kind of scare (or at very least a "creep out" factor). Oliva Munn wasn't that believable as the neglected but loving wife, and Eric Bana didn't sell the realism they were going for. That being said, it wasn't a bad (I.E: "why did they....?", "how did they....?" or worse yet "WTF just happened?") movie, just a kinda boring one.

So stay home for this one kiddies.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

6/26/14 show

Today, LIVE! on "It Came From The Radio" Pronto Comics' Dominic Sporano jumps in the co-host seat as we Discuss the movie "Edge of Tomorrow". #prontocomics #edgeoftomorrow #radioshow #entertainment #scootagoose2369

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6/22/14 show

Today (LIVE) on "IT Came From The Radio" We have our dual con wrap up show with bonus mini interviews from the EMCon. 4pm EST

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6/15/14 show

Today (Live) on "It Came From The Radio" we continue our experimental weekend as we have both Charlie and Mark give live reports from the Eternal Con and the Special Edition: NYC 4pm EST @SpEditionNYC #radioshow #live #comicconventions #free #scootagoose2369  

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

6/8/14 show

Today (LIVE) on "IT Came From The Radio" we do double duty again as we talk to Mike Armstrong from the NYCC Special Edition ( AND we talk about the latest X-Men movie. If that isn't enough, we are gving away FREE passes to the NYCC Special Edition. 4pm EST

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6/1/14 show

Today (LIVE) on IT Came From The Radio, we pull double duty as we talk about the new Godzilla movie AND we have Frank Patz from Eternal Con as a guest!. Also, in what we like to call the "World's Easiest Contest" we will be giving away a pair of tickets to the Eternal Con. Tune in on how to win them! 4pm EST #eternalcon #Godzilla #free #raidioshow #scootagoose2369

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5/25/14 show

Today (Live) on "It Came From The Radio" we talk about the Latest Spider-Man movie. *Spoliers* MAY be mentioned!!! 4pm EST #SpiderMan #moviereview #free #radioshow #scootagoose2369

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5/18/14 show

Today (LIVE) on It Came From The Radio, Our senior correspondent
Charlie Saladino is reporting LIVE from the EM Con . 4pm EST
‪#‎free‬ ‪#‎live‬ ‪#‎radioshow‬ ‪#‎comics‬ ‪#‎library‬ ‪#‎scootagoose2369

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

5/11/14 show

Today (LIVE) on It Came From The Radio, (as if you didn't know already) we have Kelly Gordon (with friend Mike Epstein) back to talk about the EMcon. 4pm EST #EMCON #free #radioshow #live #mothersday #scootagoose2369 #MMPR

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

5/4/14 show

This week, on "It Came From the Radio", Dominic Sparano from Pronto Comics stops by to help discuss "behind the scenes". 4pm EST #comics #radioshow #free #live #entertainment #scootagoose2369

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4/27/14 show

Today (Live) on It Came From The Radio, we talk about a shared universe. 4pm EST #scootagoose2369 #radioshow #liveentertainment #comics #free #starwars

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

4/20/14 show

Today (LIVE) on It Came From The Radio, we talk about Monster movies. 4pm EST
#Godzilla #movies #radioshow #free #entertainment #scootagoose2369

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Monday, April 7, 2014

4/6/14 show

Hassan and Charlie take over the reigns to talk about horror movies.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014

3/9/14 show

This week (LIVE) on It Came From The Radio we try it again.   Our Senior Correspondent Charlie Saladino gives his report on the Beatles 50th Anniversary!
4pm EST
 #radioshow #beatles #free #comics #entertainment

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

3/2/14 show

Today (LIVE) on It Came From The Radio our Senior Correspondent Charlie Saladino gives his report on the Beatles 50th Anniversary AND we discuss the new Robocop movie. Spoliers may be mentioned!
#Robocop #Beatles #radioshow #entertainment #haroldramis #scootagoose2369

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2/23/14 show

Today (LIVE) on It Came From The Radio we have "McKel Supreme aka Kelly Gordon co founder and self publisher of Night and Day Anime Studios" as our guest. 4pmEST #free #live #entertainment #radioshow #scootagoose2369

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2/2/14 show

Today (Live) on It Came From The Radio we have our Superbowl show where we talk nothing about the SuperBowl at all! 4pm EST #live #radioshow #free #entertainment #comicbooks

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

1/5/14 show

This week (LIVE!) on It Came From The Radio, Mark goes solo as he does an all news show! 4pmEST
#free #radioshow #entertainment #jamesavery #comicbooks #ShiaLaBeouf

What a way to start off the new calendar year.

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