Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bi-Monthly Movie Review: Ouija

It's that time again, this time I'll give my thoughts on the horror movie "Ouija".

From the title (and the knowledge that it's a horror movie) it's a pretty easy movie to figure out (not only) what's it about, but what's going to happen: Some kids play around with a Ouija board, summon a spirit and then start dying. Of course there is one reluctant person but they get dragged into it along the way. The movie is sort of like that in the loosest sense of the description (it was a guess after all): A friend of a group of teens apparently commits suicide after (unbeknownst to them) playing with an Ouija board and the female lead takes it upon her self to drag her friends to get some closure using (you guessed it) another Ouija board that they used to play with as kids.

It's a pretty simply story and I have to admit they try their best to make it work, but the logic kinda falls flat. Worst case is when at one point *SPOLIER ALERT* the group finds a dead body in a hidden portion of the basement (that apparently doesn't smell or anything) to perform a ritual on it and then leaves it there only to come back to it the next day to perform a second ritual because the script demanded it. I mean who leaves a dead body around without calling the cops or something.........

The acting is as expected, the "thrills" are non-existent, and the logic if flawed (even by horror film standards). So skip this one and go rent "The Ring".

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