Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bi-Monthly Movie Review

For the second time in a row (as well as this year, or ever for that matter) I am going to talk about a movie (s) that I saw on Netflix as they both are brand new direct-to-Netflix features that I wouldn't have been able to see in the theaters.

Of course last time I talked about Pee wee, and being a Pee Wee fan, I just *had* to let you guys in on my thoughts of the film.

This time, I saw two movies on such opposite sides of the enjoyment spectrum that I felt you guys might enjoy (or stay away from) theses films.

First up is a little movie called Hush. When I read the premise (A deaf girl is being attacked in a cabin in the woods) I thought "Another one of those". However, something caught my eye as the movie was rated 4.5 (out of 5) stars. Upon watching the movie, I read that it had a 100% approval rating on rotten tomatoes. This movie deserves it. With such a small cast (barely 4 people on screen), you have to have great acting and believable characters. Not only did this movie delivered on that, but all the characters were smart. In just about every horror/suspense movie there is a point where someone does something stupid either to get killed or to keep the movie going so that they wont get killed. Not here. Everything made sense. The execution of the story was almost perfect as everything had a payoff at the end of the film and it was done in such a way that it was very natural.

"So, should I watch it?", you may ask.  The answer is a resounding "HELL YEAH!" Well, if you like a simple movie with great acting, smart believable characters and real suspense that is.

Next, a movie which I had seen not too long after watching "Hush". I watched #Horror. Yes, "Hashtag Horror". For the record, this film had a 1.5 star rating and a 50% approval rating on rotten tomatoes. Much like Hush, this film deserved it. Actually, IHMO I think this movie deserves less as the acting, "story", and plot were really bad. So bad in fact I can say that this movie would easily be the worst film I have seen in years. I did a little research into this production and I found out that a majority or the dialog was improvised by the many pre-teen stars of the film (and it shows). Maybe as an 30+ year old male I don't know how pre-teen girls talk but if they actually do talk like this, I will remain happy in my ignorant bliss. To be fair, there is a message about cyber-bullying in the film and maybe it does speak to a certain audience, but man, I hope to high heaven there is a better way to convey this message.

"So, should I watch it?" you may ask again. Well, if you want to hear pre-teen girls insult each other for an hour and then try to figure out the motivation for the killer (yes, it's a slasher flick of sorts) which is explained in one line of dialog at the very end of the movie, go right ahead and face that torture. Or, you can go watch "Hush" again.