Thursday, July 3, 2014

Deliver us from Evil review

Well, After speaking with my social media guy, we have decided to post movie reviews of movies not covered on our awesome radio show (which airs each week LIVE on, Sundays at 4pm EST) twice a month.

For July, I just saw the Eric Bana/Olivia Munn horror flick "Deliver us from Evil". This movie is supposedly based on actual events (and pretty current stuff to boot!). Now I haven't been "scared" in a movie for a looong time, so this movie has a lot of work to do to scare me. Unfortunately, it barley kept my interest let alone give me any kind of scare (or at very least a "creep out" factor). Oliva Munn wasn't that believable as the neglected but loving wife, and Eric Bana didn't sell the realism they were going for. That being said, it wasn't a bad (I.E: "why did they....?", "how did they....?" or worse yet "WTF just happened?") movie, just a kinda boring one.

So stay home for this one kiddies.

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